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About Us

Vista Recycling Inc. has been green in the Gila Valley for 37 years. Which is to say we've been dealing with your trash for over a quarter of a century! Prior to starting Vista Recycling, Bill and Gloria Long ran a garbage collection service with one old truck; Gloria drove and Bill dumped the cans. Then in 1983, thinking that recyling was the wave of the future, they started Vista Recycling in old gas station built in 1925. Very soon, they realized that the most effective method of waste management in our day is a combination of recycling and landfill use, and it just made economic sense to start doing garbage collection again.

Since then our valuable services offered to the community have increased to include waste collection in the residential, commercial and construction areas, serving Graham and Greenlee Counties, Arizona.

Vista Recycling remains a family-owned and operated business. Bill and Gloria are still involved in its' day-to-day operation, and there are often 4 generations working in the office at the same time.

We value our long-standing relationships with the residents of Graham and Greenelee counties

In 2002 we finally tore down our old building and put up a new one on the same spot.
Here are some photos of the process.

The old building.

Thar she goes.

No tears were shed for this shed.

Our building is now a garbage pile. Luckily, we know somebody who can take care of that. And look at all those recyclable materials!

The old site is now an empty lot.

Concrete forms for the new footings.

When we tore down the old building we found this really neat old sign on the wall of the building next door.

Here's a closeup of that sign. Looks like it was for a place called 'The Pig Stand'.

The new steel frame going up.

The frame completed.

Windows, doors, skin and even our name!

The builing today.
Here's looking forward to many more years of putting up with your garbage!